September 12, 2005

A One Sided US Open Final

The good against the old; Federer versus Agassi. Now that was a very easy win for the maestro, Federer. You'd even wonder how Andre made it this far and conclude that luck must have been one big factor. Not to say that Agassi is a bad player; in fact he is one of the best, but it was a long shot to imagine him in the finals!

At 35 Agassi is really pushing his physical capabilities; he is a legend alright, but like all legends before him, his time has come and in fairness to the game, he has to accept that. It is time for him to retire while he is still ranked 8th.. I sincerely hope that he does not see his US Open Finalist qualification as a reason to continue competing. If only he were to look at the players he was up against in the qualifying rounds, none were seeded very high, and despite which Agassi needed to play them all 5 sets in order to win. Now that's a reality check; one, if taken, will ensure high quality tennis in future Grand Slams such as the US Final. Admittedly, the outcome of this years US Open Final was but obvious. Agassi's tenacity on court, though admirable, was no match for Federer's speed and his magical artistry with the ball. With due respect to Agassi's legendary status, the game has to go on, and it must maintain the fervor which will produce the Federers, Samprases, and Agassis of tomorrow.

To all those tennis fans, on a positive note, this is just the beginning for Roger Federer, a player par excellence who seems to improve with every winner that he scores, and I hope that this is also the glorious end to the tennis legend Andre Agassi.


The Humanity Critic said...

yeah, I actually thought andre had a chance.. silly

doshar said...

i remember when agassi first appeared. he was 18 i think, and i remember that i had this amazing crush on him. it's been a while since i followed tennis, but reading about it, i remember it was a lot of fun.i should catch up. my little sis is the big tennis fan.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I was rooting for Andre. Gotta hope the older guy can get in there!

roora said...

I Me my : I read your comment at doshar and I would like t read from the posts you mentioned , thanks for your help

sivananth said...

Federer is a genius and losing to him is no embarassment for andre. finalist at 35 shows the passion of the legend.
u have a flair for writing,buddy.