September 12, 2005

Writing incognito

Blogging incognito may appear spineless and even reprehensible to some, but in fact it's quite an achievement. When the blogger's identity is unknown, his/her writing is appreciated for what it is worth, its subject matter and its style. A major portion of the reader bias is removed because now the reader has no clue whether the writer is a male, a capriconian with dimples, a twenty year old, an Egyptian , a handsome hunk (as an accompanying picture may proove) so on and so forth. Blogging, I believe, is literature if all the accompanying riffraff were removed. It's a dynamic medium of written expression that is far reaching yet immediate, and one which is for the most part non restrictive. Given access to such an awesome tool, why would a reasonably good writer need to post his picture or his resume.

The above is merely a defense of my status as an 'undefined' blogger. It's merely an opinion, and could therefore be verily disregarded, or else argued and commented upon.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

So True. I have a friend who writes under the name "Chris" for the very same reason. Man? Woman?

sr said...

As literature for reading, this is a fair comment. However, what happens when people start treating blogs as literature for research? At some point in the future, blogs will be considered historical evidence much like books and periodicals are considered research material today. due to the anonymity of bloggers like you (and commentors like me), there is very little chance that the society of today will be represented by bloggers. a whole segment of society - bloggers - will be unrepresented in the future history of the world...

or maybe it's just fun to write without worrying about how people perceive you as a result. hehe.

morpheus said...
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BD said...

haha! Id, you must be really good -- even a psychologist like Dr. Deb isn't able to figure out your sex ;). (with no offence to Dr. Deb)

That makes we wonder though: Do you take extra precaution viz. writing style? :D

nandi23 said...

Perhaps, but sometimes it helps knowing the face behind an opinion.
what could've possibly triggered such thought.
Sometimes its nice to see the same opinion from a different face, and then sometimes it heps to see a different opinion from the same face.
Literature should be taken seriously and not be dependent on the writer.
You are right, writing should be judged based on the content only.
One who would judge the writing based on the writer is a fool.
I have made no attempt to befriend you, yet I am quite taken by your writing.
by remaining anonymous you are not presuming authority which is also a good thing because then it is left up to the reader to decide whether or not you should be taken seriously. However I have noted that to maintain your animosity you have taken the middle line in almost every issue, simply stating it as if you were a mere passerby. either way every writer is different, and your style is just enough to get your point across which is what matters most to the writer.

Saadia said...

Hmm...come to think of it, I somehow had it decided that you're a man! I guess its time to research, and I'll let you know who you are! ;-)