September 20, 2005

To be American

Americans by definition have to be tolerant and all-encompassing given that all of us chose to settle in a land of immigrants. 'Differences' are what this country is all about, and living in peace despite those differences, though oftentimes a challenge, is what it means to be American. We've had our share of upheavals; it's Islam today, it was Communism yesterday, and who knows what it will be tomorrow; these separatist agendas will always be there, and Americans are cognizant of that. Over the years, with the diversity that surrounds us, we've become tremendously accomodating and resilient. As a result, reactionary movements and divisive propaganda seldom affect us. Post 9/11 America is proof of that.
There's also another reason for our steadfastness; our capitalistic pursuits that have us hypnotized; and this dollar trance is unbreakable.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

The upheavals *are* always here. Hate always lives in the margins of society. And you're right, capitalism has a way of keeping us disinformed. We have to increase awareness within ourselves and help others see the distortions so we can fight the status quo.

The picture in your post is beautiful. What or who is the source?


Id it is said...

Marginalization does indeed bring out the worst in people.
The picture is one that I got off of Google 'images'. It captured my attention right away.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Thanks for the reference. It is beautiful.I'll dl and frame it if the copy comes out nicely...if I can find it on google.

Take care,