September 30, 2005

'Latino' in New Jersey.

Perhaps I'm Mexican...
Honduran, Cuban, maybe Dominican?
A pitcher, a batter, a mid fielder, a goalie
Those are my goals ever so truly.
Ronaldo and Sosa are my heroes eternal.
Baseball and soccer, none other that's certain.
Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, and Punta
Anything 'll do as long as its fiesta.
Mira! Snazzy wheels, blaring Spanish tunes!
Pronto, those lovely Latinas do croon.
Seldom we shop at a Stop & Shop,
Bodegas are the more likely stops.
Eternally enrolled in college, one course at a time.
Finishing school'n four years; now that'd be a crime.
Skimpy tank tops on hour glass figures
Low waister jeans that couldn't possibly go lower;
Hair streaked and dyed, a brunnette turns blonde
blue grey or green, eye contacts as add ons.
A teeny meeny stiletto with pretty white toes
Catches attention as clip-clop it goes.
Oscar De La Renta or Dolce Gabbana
Fragrance that'd carry from here to Havana.
Bodies so lithe with a grace so natural
Easy on the eye could do damage collateral.
Charmingly laid back, yet with an air to please
Fashionably dressed, carry their crease with ease.
The ever so endearing kiss on the cheek
If you had it your way their lips you'd seek.
Latino hearts in NJ are the warmest I'm told
If ever you find one, well there's your pot of gold!

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Anonymous said...

a nice tribute to commemorate the "Latino Heritage Month"