October 26, 2005

It's never too late.

How do I thank someone who has always been my benefactor, but unacknowledged to date? A one man cheer leading squad who didn't tire applauding my meanest achievement; be it my first step as a one year old, getting a driving license at seventeen, or then reaching an academic milestone along the way. One who kept giving at his end, regardless of my response; kept forgiving me my selfish and callous acts while rendering unconditional love and support. My all-time security net that took the brunt of my rash doings. Pulled, ripped,and beaten, yet always resilient, despite its wear and tear, to bounce me back one more time to put me back on track.

Unfortunately, this net is mortal and it's this reality that has shocked me out of my complacency that now makes me want to say,'Thank you for being there for me'.

This person celebrates his eightieth birthday this week.


BD said...

put so simply yet so touching.

wish that person on my behalf as well :)

morpheus said...

happy birthday to the old man. :-)

oh and my mate BD is here!

Id it is bhai, I appreciate your privacy, but I was wondering, you Indian? I kinda think u must be! If so, from which part?

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

It *is* never too late to let anyone know your love and value and affection.


sivananth said...

the only way to thank such people is to pass this love to someone else

Id it is said...


Wouldn't you agree that human communication ought to be spontaneous and unprejudiced?

'Writing incognito' allows me, and my reader to do just that.

You may want to read a previous post of mine titled 'Writing incognito'; it sheds some light on this idiosyncracy that I adopted.

morpheus said...

Id it is,

I would like to disagree with you to an extent - while staying anonymous does have its advantages , it can be quite harmful too. (im not saying this in your context per se, im saying this in the general context of anonymity, on a social scale, as opposed to a personal scale)

While it gives a better platform for raising opinion especially in places where people enjoy less rights, or on contentious/controversial issues, it also reduces accountability one has for one's words and actions.

Anonymity does increase convenience levels for the person taking it up (or taking a pseudonym), which is good to some extent - but anonymity is also the cause of socially undesirable issues like trolling.

as for the human front that you are talking about, yes indeed, human communication ought to be spontaneous and unprejudiced, but there should so much information that would assist the communication more - for e.g. many of my online friends dont know who I really am (they either know me through my handles morpheus, or manuel calavera etc) but they do realise that i am male, 24, Indian, which I've deliberately revealed to them. If I didnt do that, communication could get frustrating. I mean, I couldn't freely appreciate the biriyani openly as a biriyani loving indian. I'd have to 'plan' the way i express myself so as not to reveal too much info, and this would again, hurt spontaneity. (this of course, is just one lame example, and the whole thing is purely a personal opinion)

Also, i am not sure about 'readers bias' being removed if they have no clue who you are. You may have restricted bias against 'you' yourself, but they *will* form opinion/bias based on what you write. If your writing reflects leftist, religious, bla blabla ideologies, how difficult is it to stop bias?

that said, at the end of the day, your blog is great, and the things I said in this comment wasnt meant at you [b]at all[/b], it was said generally.

its great fun reading your blogs. Please keep up the good work, John Doe :)

(or jane doe, but i wouldnt care less. love your blog.)

Id it is said...

Biryani, if described by a writer like yourself, would be enjoyed just as much by a non Indian. Words have a dynamism that can open up worlds not imagined nor experienced (even worlds such as the spicy 'n exotic Hydrabadi cuisine world; home of the 'biryani')

As for the reader bias, one that comes at the end of a reading, that is pretty legitimate and is to be expected too. Afterall we do approach just about everything, including reading of a blog, from some standpoint, a platform of sorts, whether political, religious or whatever that may be.

As for blogger annonymity being 'harmful', I don't see how. I can see the content of the blog being disagreeable or even unpalatable, but I don't see how an undefined blogger could prove harmful, unless ofcourse there is complete naivete on the part of the reader who wants to be lead up unknown paths. I'd also agree with you, to an extent, that annonymity reduces accountability for what you say as a blogger. But that could be a double edged sword. As a well defined blogger, that accountability is oftentimes predetermined by who you are. For example, if you are an Indian you will spell outrage at Musharraf denying Pakistani involvement in the recent bomb blasts in India.

As for 'trolling', I guess one has to use discretion, and not get 'baited'. However, I do see your point as to how annonymity could prove to be a serious problem for bloggers with give-away hearts.

You have a great blog Morpheus; dialectic friendly! I enjoy it immensely.

Forgive me my idiosyncracy, and do keep writing.

morpheus said...

/Forgive me my idiosyncracy, and do keep writing./

boo hoo hoo. you took my comments personally!! :-(

well, besides that, i dont see that we are disagreeing over anything at all. thanks for having the little academic discussion on 'anonymity' with me. :-)

also, unless BD hasnt informed you already - do check out this site www.baithak.net that a few of us friends (including BD and myself) run. It showcases writings of South Asian people. Do contribute if you have something to offer. Though we arent updating new posts at the momnet - we are shifting to a new site, and waiting for work to complete on that front.

Id it is said...

'baithak' is an interesting site and do keep me posted on its relocation whenever that happens. Do I have to be South Asian in order to use the 'Baithak' forum?

theunavailable said...

i think that writing is so good! i can't wait to show my whole class!.....