October 04, 2005

'Blogaholic'- Are you?


Definition: One who is addicted to blogging and reading other blogs

You know you're addicted to blogging when:
- You become frustrated because you can not think of anything good to blog about
- You have to take a break from blogging
- Something interesting happens, your partner tells you, " you should blog about that!"
- You check your blog for comments several times a day
- You check your blog for comments before you read your e-mail
- You have drafts saved for future posts...you know, so you don't forget those interesting stories
- Your family catches up with what's going on in your life via your blog
- You add your blog as a source of reference on your resume
- You are concerned about your online friend because they have not updated their blog

Blogaholics are also those who read other people’s blogs with an unhealthy interest.

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sivananth said...

Hahaa! you surely are right about waiting DESPERATELY for blog comments.
Blogaholics then add to recent spate of sudokaholics, smsaholics and whateverholics i couldn't think of!

who_is_john_galt? said...

muwahaa !

well atleast i am well on my way to being one !!

what about u?

Starkindler said...

right awwwwwwwwn the button! checking blogs for commetns before email (and my outlook's been out, so it's very literally true), check blog for commetns several times a day and have saved drafts to be used for blogs. another reason is that i HATE to have unformatted blogs, so i write'em in Word first so's to take care of capitals 'nall that.

Starkindler said...

and yeah, i'm gonna add the blog as a reference on my resume!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I so am!!