October 17, 2005

Manhattan by night; a heightened view

A treat alright!
in flagrance of darkness
blatant, buoyant, and bright
breathtakingly beautiful
a voyeurs delight

toweringly tall
amidst it all
benignly billowing
the wispy whites
that churlishly curled
extending their flight

close to touch
yet so afar
a game 'twas
playing hookey
with the moon'n all

Myriad metal, in monotonous motion
ruby white necklace bordering the ocean
an endless stream of stars
that threatened to hypnotize
a harmony, that description defies


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

NYC at night, in Autumn, is my favorite time to go to the big apple. I guess we're neighbors.


Anonymous said...

NYC is where i was born and at night is the best time to go.