October 13, 2005

Voices in the rain; NY and Muzaffarabad

Will school be out tomorrow due to all this flooding?
Did the earthquake bring down my school or is it still standing?

Rain; my plans are in trouble!
Aaah water to parched lips; trickling through the rubble

Mom, soccer game's cancelled due to rain.
Only ten some miles to walk so don't complain.

What, another detour! I'm already late.
Wading through the water coz the bridge's swept away.

Couldn't call you hon, telephone lines are down
Can just someone hold my hand,... anyone?

Tires skidding, got to go slow
Why don't I feel my feet anymore?

Relief! Rain at last; my lawn'll grow.
Death toll'll rise and relief'll come slow

Visibilty is low so the plane won't land
What's this I feel, a leg or a hand?

Lazy rainy weather, just right for a slumber
Faint cries for help, there from down under

Cookies with a hot cuppa cocoa, and a blanket for my feet
orphaned corpses; no one to bury them; a scavenger's treat.

All's right with the world, good will's reigning
All's wrong with the world, there's nothing remaining.


Anonymous said...


You do have a great flair for poetry and no dearth of really interesting issues to write about. Keep it up, am lovin' it!!!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Poignant and incisive. Priorities and values can be so skewed sometimes.

Great post,

Jon Snow said...

Why,thank you,Sir!

I feel most honoured by your words!
High praise indeed!

And be sure i will be checking out your blog as well.

By the way,how did you come upon it?

morpheus said...

wonderful. very moving.

bablu said...

Wow ! Thats a wonderful Contradicting post.

Anonymous said...

A two voice poem that brings goosebumps. I plan to use it in class this semester.

Ayesha said...

spellbound. so close to the heart.

Pewzen said...

You`re all that right and this poem of yours made me very thoughtful... ~ great poem!

BD said...

bookmarked :D

Shirazi said...

Yes, bookmarked. but why I did not find this site earlier?

Anonymous said...

That was pretty good.... Do keep up the good work......